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June 14, 2018
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June 14, 2018
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Target National


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Sanwei National Target has a very tacky topsheet similar to DHS Hurricane 3 rubbers. Topsheet is softer than Hurricane 3 on top of a hard and lively sponge. It is Faster than the commercial DHS Hurricane 3 with the same level of spin. As the upgraded version of model Target, the Target National is a better choice for 40+ new plastic ball. Thanks to the advanced production technique, covering the unsmooth topsheet with ultrathin sticky rubber film, which helps to keep both high elastic performance and good spin effect; combining with cake sponge, offering sustained and strong power. The Target National has already been selected by many professional players all over the world.

Video Review:

Pimple: Pimple IN

Sponge: Hard

Topsheet: Tacky

Rubber Brand: Sanwei

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