In Rhythm sports is established on the ethos of partnership and true passion for sport. We are in the court, to bring the best from the world and upscale the level of Table Tennis sport in India.

We have partnered with world renowned companies like GEWO, Giant Dragon and Xushaofa sports to bring the quality sports equipment’s and international coaching for Indian Table Tennis enthusiasts. Quality infrastructure and training has always been a challenge for most of the sports in India. We understand the potential and strength of the country, which is talent. Identifying and shaping it with right facility and training can bring a huge change to the countries future.

Our Philosophy

In Rhythm is inspired by rhythm in sports. Rhythm is defined as the expression of timing, and its practicality in sport is vast. We realize that coordination is not an entity unto itself. In Table Tennis, players are constantly involved with the ball and it’s equally important to include rhythm as a technique into the sport.

Our Vision

To transform, table tennis in India as a sport of immense popularity and give it the positioning of main stream sport to help build career for many.

Our Mission

Give world champion to India in the 2020 Olympics and making winning a practice at international levels.