June 14, 2018
June 14, 2018
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Construction : 5 Ply + Soft Carbon

Soft Carbon: With SANWEI initiative Multi-layers patent structure which helps to optimize the efficiency of carbon fiber, the Soft carbon could offer to you extremely strong rotation of ball from the table to your opponent, increases the possibility of getting a point from the initial attack.

The Hinoki carbon series presents balance between powerful attack and control with the feeling of compression (Holding the ball) thanks to Inner-carbon fiber. It is recommended for the player who seeks balanced play between attack and control

Be it for sustained rally or for delicate close to the table attacks, the Model HC-5 maintains a balance between these and provides great performance; The inserted soft carbon makes this blade to achieve a stable balance of offensive attack and defensive blocking effect

Type: ALL Plus

Blade Brand: Sanwei

Material: Carbon

Weight: 80g

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