June 14, 2018
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June 14, 2018
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A+LeightWei Rubber


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The upgraded version A+ is another extraordinary rubber; a combination of Japanese un-sticky top-sheet with German Cake Sponge. The 0.4mm un-sticky top-sheet could assure outstanding surface tension and greep ability, as well as good tolerance of fault; white the cake sponge applied on the rubber A+, is the lightest one among this series. Lighter sponge contains bigger pores and thinner pores’ wall, which could absorb more power then offering faster and more elastic attacking effect. The new attaching technique makes “0 Loss” of energy transferring from the sponge to top-sheet; saving the strength of player as much as possible. The characteristics of this upgraded version A+ :- Replaceishing the loss of spin and speed after adapting New Plastics 40+ ball. Great performance to close table playing and Quick attacking/Looping reliable resistance on backhand counter attacking Adapting to your playing habit smoothly and helping to reduce unforced error.

Hardness: Medium

Thickness: MAX

Speed: 13.5

Control: 12

Spin: 13.5

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